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Title Tag: A Critical Element of SEO

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Let us go back to the fundamentals. When it comes to fundamentals, nothing is more crucial than a well-applied title tags. Title tags are the words marked by bluish bars in your web browser.

Most top browsers, like Firefox and Chrome, manage to keep these from being visible, but they cannot do anything about their undeniable effectiveness.

Learn more about title tags. Find out its significance SEO and how you could exploit them for your website’s benefit.



<title>Your Title Here.</title>



What is a Title Tag?


Title Tags, Title Elements in technical term, is one of the most important elements in ON-PAGE SEO. Usually, it is seen in three key places: browsers, SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) and external website.




Title Tag Brower


Both on the top of any browser and in tabs, the Title Tags are visible.


SERP Results


Title tag SERP


In search results, Title Tags is the most noticeable element you will see.


External Website or Backlinks


Title Tag External


Most of the external websites, like directory submission sites and social bookmarking sites, utilizes the Title tags of a web page as its anchor text.


SEO Title Tags Best Practices


Standard Title Tag Length


The standard practice for title tags includes limiting it to seventy (70) characters only. Title tags that exceed the limit will end up dealing with major errors, including the laughable “…” right inside your title tag.

That was before. According to research, the pixilated lengths of each character play a major role in the number of characters showcased in search results.

View Experiment here.


Due to these changes in the Google algorithm, the estimated pixel size of these changes ranges to 512 to 548 pixels, which can actually be over 107 characters.


Unique and Relevant


Even though Google changed how they measure the Title Tag of a website fore search engine result page. Most of the best practices are still the same. Relevancy and uniqueness is still a must in creating a Title Tag for all your Websites Pages.


Targeted Keywords and Brand Name


In my experience, targeted keywords that are found in the beginning of your Title Tag, which is more effective and helpful in getting a higher ranking on search results.

Nevertheless, it is still a case-to-case basis.

If a known brand is well known, it could make a difference in search results click-trough rate. The brand name should be at the beginning of your Title Tag.

Brand name | Main Keyword and Secondary Keyword



Unique SEO Tips | SEO Tips and Tricks –How to do SEO


Main Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Brand Name


SEO Tips and Tricks | How to do SEO – Unique SEO Tips




  • Creating a descriptive, keyword-rich title tag is important for increasing rankings in search engines.
  • Title Tags are no longer measured by character but with Pixels.
  • Keyword usage in the title tag is the most important place to use keywords to achieve high rankings.


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