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4 Innovative Ideas On How To Boost Your Product Feed for Advertising

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With the Internet becoming a very competitive environment these days, the success or downfall of an organization, will largely depend on how it runs its marketing activities. With product listing ads or PLA’s gaining the lion’s share in a company’s paid media budget, the in-house marketing or promotions department should take the lead role in developing and managing, the feed content, just like what it has done with SEO in the previous years. Here are four cool ideas on how to improve your product feed for advertising.


1. Cut Out All Unnecessary Information

To improve your product feed for advertising without spending too much money, and repetitively doing things, the first step would be to cut out all the unnecessary information, especially from your product titles.

It’s because online shoppers in general rarely set their sights on the product’s ISBN Code, SKU #, product ID or whatever technical terms. If there’s too much information on your product titles, then you’re likely to end up paying more because of keyword density. And your ads will become less- enticing to the end shopper. Further, your product will become less relevant to them, too.


2. Properly Categorize Your Products

To make your marketing and advertising efforts bear more fruit, it would be very helpful if you properly categorize or classify your products (especially the popular ones) according to the search engine’s awareness of what types of queries your products are relevant for.

But, while it can be a challenge to reclassify products to meet the requirements of Google and other publishers (especially if you have thousands of products), this should do wonders for your top, or best-selling, products. Additionally, it will ensure that your top-performing products truly show up when you need them to.


3. Uniquely Describe Product Variants

When describing your products or services on your product feeds for advertising, make sure you use unique terms or phrases to describe them. For example, if you’d like to describe the color of the dress you’re selling, instead of “tangerine” you could say orange, or blue instead of “azure”.

Many online merchandisers today have different ways of describing the colors or features of their products, to make them stand out from the competition. Likewise, makes it easier for potential buyers to find them.


4. Include The Product Category

Do not ever forget to include the product category, especially in your product titles. Keep in mind that online customers also look for items that they can grasp, or easily visualize. They’re obviously not looking for abstract concepts.

So, if you just say “Betsey Johnson Mermaid” in your product feeds, it would surely sound nice, but then the shopping engines, as well as the buying public online, won’t know that it actually refers to a cocktail dress.

If you’re still unsure about considering using product listing ads, here are a few more helpful pieces of information. First, PLA’s appear in search results, but, it will show a picture of the product, as well as the price. Second, between November 2012 and November 2013, the use of PLA’s grew by a whooping 99 percent. Wth e-commerce bigwig eBay joining the fray, it definitely looks like PLA’s are going to grow in the foreseeable future.

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