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All About Title Stacking

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Stacking makes use of multiple sets of < title > and < / title > tags to insert more keywords within a page.

When it comes to implementing best SEO practices, one of the most utilized and valuable tools that any web developer could use within an HTML code are the< title > tags. When it comes to keywords, the < title > tag is an area which can be packed with a set of your choice keywords without getting penalized. Unlike articles, you do not have to worry about readability, context, and all other things that make an article an efficient part of your marketing strategy. This makes it a bonus for modern sites today that do not post lots of content for home or main pages for visual appeal and enhanced functionality.

This major benefit of < title > tag can also be considered its greatest downfall. The fact that it holds a dangerous combination of being so influential, powerful,and easy to use; makes it a ready target for black hat SEO. One of the known shady techniques black hat marketers use is title stacking. This practice makes use of multiple sets of < title > and < / title > tags to insert more keywords within one page.

Keep in mind that though title stacking can get you on top ranks within a very short span of time, getting dropped from search results can prove to be faster when you get caught by search engines. Aside from having a negative effect to overall quality and credibility of your website, chances of getting crawled and re-indexed would be slimmer. So it would be best to stick to using only one set of < title > tag to enclose relevant keywords to your niche.


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