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Avoid Black Hat Techniques

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Just like all tricky things, black hat techniques are tempting but will often lead into trouble.

In internet marketing forums, it is not uncommon to find people claiming to have found guaranteed “black hat” search engine optimization techniques. For a price, you can get a hold of these secrets that can get your website at the top ranks of listings in the shortest possible time. And this purchase comes with the assurance that you will never get caught.

The idea may sound exciting, but before you allow your impulses get the best of you, think hard. While the thought of ranking number in Google search in a short time would seem impressive, fact is—it simply cannot be done. Google has become one of the biggest names in the field of search and the Internet for the same reason that anyone cannot possibly outsmart them—it is huge and is composed of some of the world’s brightest minds. “Black hat” indicates methods that violate the terms of service of Google and other search engines. Though the techniques may lead to instant success, the result will not be long term. In fact, these may even lead to your website getting penalized.

Let’s say that the claims of these forum peddlers are true (the discovery of fool proof techniques that guarantee top rankings). Do you think these people would be hawking their strategies at such places for a couple of bucks? Of course not! If their strategies were such a success, then any smart Internet Marketer would figure out that the best thing to do about this discovery is to develop affiliate websites in every profitable niche. After everything’s set-up, their supposed SEO magic should be working for them, and keep the money rolling in. Furthermore, advertising such methods just adds to the probability of getting discovered by Google—so why would they risk it?

Plain and simple… they have nothing at risk because these methods don’t really exist. So if you see any one of those posts or ads, avoid it. Don’t throw away money on something that is doomed to fail. Spend wisely and make sure you get more from what you invest in.


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