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Black Hat: Shrewd, but typically Bad

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Unique SEO TipsSince the birth of search engines and the formulation of SEO as a concept, a lot of people have been tempted to try to bend the system into their favor by integrating search engine optimization as a tool to dishonestly gain impossibly high rankings in the shortest time. The Internet has opened a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs and marketers. And to create cash, a number of them has provided what the search engine needs minus the quality. Thus the existence of websites jammed with keywords and nothing else.

Though it’s hard to understand, there will always be a bad side in everything good. In the case of the Internet, there will always be unethical webmaster who wouldn’t really care if their websites are actually readable or not. Usually these unreadable pages are used for a landing page before readers are redirected to the page they intended to get to. Because everything happens so fast, the landing page that seems unnoticeable may already have done its jobs. For human readers, this glitch can be of some inconvenience. But for the completion, this is clearly cheating.

The fact that black hat SEO is cheating has little to do with it being a bad idea. Truth is this type of strategies, though can surpass the search engines for some time, will never have lasting results. Google and other major search engines are always on the lookout for such cheap tricks. Websites found to have been marketed unethically will automatically be demoted from page ranking. So dishonesty will eventually take anyone nowhere. Aside from being ineffective, it can even get your site banned entirely from the results.


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