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Google Rolls Out 27th Panda Update – Panda 4.1

Google has recently declared the release of the latest version of its Panda Update. ‘Panda’ itself is a filter designed to penalize poor content from ranking well.   In a post on Google+, the organization stated that a “slow roll out” had begun earlier this week, and will continue into the next before its completion. Depending on location, Google added, ...

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Google Webmaster Tools Improve Mobile Stats and Search Queries

Recent events highlighted Google’s announcement on changes they have implemented on their Google Webmaster Tools. To state, Google reported that they will no longer round/ bucket data in its search query feature. Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, John Mueller, expressed that “data in the search queries will no longer be rounded and bucketed”. More so, changes will be prevalent and noticeable ...

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Google Webmaster Help: Do More Pages Help Your Site Rank Better?

Does a Site Rank Better If It Has a Lot of Indexed Pages? A certain Leah of New York has asked that question. Here is what GoogleWebmasterHelp has to say: It cannot be assumed that just because a site has a large number of indexed pages, then it automatically gets a higher ranking. Google Webmaster says this is not the ...

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Combining SEO with Excellent Writing

Seo and Good Writing

To somebody who has a reasonable understanding of Search Engine Optimization principles, writing readable quality content can pose a bit of a problem. The sufficient use of the right search terms makes it more likely for Google to pick up your website and give it a good ranking. However, the more density you use for certain keywords, the lesser room ...

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Over-use of SEO

Too Much SEO

It is a fact that writing good content that is SEO compliant at the same time is obviously not easy. Doing so would require adhering to the terms and services of Google as well as other major search engines while taking human readability and interest into consideration. One common mistake that people commit is jamming their sites with key search ...

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Black Hat: Shrewd, but typically Bad

Since the birth of search engines and the formulation of SEO as a concept, a lot of people have been tempted to try to bend the system into their favor by integrating search engine optimization as a tool to dishonestly gain impossibly high rankings in the shortest time. The Internet has opened a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs and marketers. ...

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SEO 101


One of the greatest lessons that any online entrepreneur or webmaster needs to know is “adapting to change is crucial”. From one decade to another, moving with the times has become an essential ability that keeps businesses thriving. By the turn of the millennium, marketing your business using the Internet has been fairly simple. Getting ranked was as easy as ...

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