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4 Innovative Ideas On How To Boost Your Product Feed for Advertising

With the Internet becoming a very competitive environment these days, the success or downfall of an organization, will largely depend on how it runs its marketing activities. With product listing ads or PLA’s gaining the lion’s share in a company’s paid media budget, the in-house marketing or promotions department should take the lead role in developing and managing, the feed ...

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Improving Website Ranking Using SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search engines, like Google and Bing, often narrow and rank results on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Page) using algorithms. These algorithms are a list of requirements, much like a scoring rubric in school. The more criteria a website meets, the higher it will rank on the page. Website ranking is considerably important, as ...

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Google Updates Its Page Layout Algorithm

Google Updates Its Page Layout Algorithm To Go After Sites “Top Heavy” With Ads Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, recently announced that Google has released a refresh of its Page Layout Algorithm. Also called Top Heavy Algorithm, the filter downgrades the ranking of web pages considered ‘too distracting’ for users. For instance, web pages with too many ads ...

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Article Directories – A Big NO for Link Building

In a video response to a question from India. Matt Cutts head of Google’s Search Spam Team advised webmasters and SEOs to avoid using article directories  in building links for their websites. The question was. “Links from relevant content in article directories — Seen as good or bad?eg. I link my beauty website from a cosmetic surgery article on say, Ezine? Would you do ...

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Improve your SEO Strategy using Google Webmaster Tools

Do you want to improve your on-page SEO strategies or even focus on technical analysis without taking too much time? With technological advancement, you can – and more.   Technical analysis is a broad aspect of analyzing a website. With the help of Google Webmaster Tools (GWT for brevity), both novice and experts could now understand and focus on page ...

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Top 5 SEO Tools for beginners

SEO Tools for Beginners. Like a seed in a pot, a website remains a seed without the help of SEO. Indeed, SEO plays a very important and critical role in the life of a website – and online businesses, for that matter. Website themes and content marketing will not be possible without the help of SEO.   Here at Unique ...

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How to Generate More Traffic Utilizing Unique SEO Tips

  These days, there is nothing more important for every online business or blog than Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Typically, people turn to the internet for just about anything and everything. Users and business owners alike have made search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing their best guides for whatever they are searching on the web. Wondering what SEO is ...

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Importance of SiteMaps


Stripped down into its simplest form, sitemaps are a list of URLS that summarizes what pages are found within one website. For something as basic as this, it is amazing to realize how crucial it can be for SEO success. What happens when the search engines scour the World Wide Web for results starts with the sending out of ‘spiders’ ...

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