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Combining SEO with Excellent Writing

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SEO and Good Writing were always meant to go along together.

To somebody who has a reasonable understanding of Search Engine Optimization principles, writing readable quality content can pose a bit of a problem. The sufficient use of the right search terms makes it more likely for Google to pick up your website and give it a good ranking. However, the more density you use for certain keywords, the lesser room you have to integrate other things that you want to discuss. This limitation due to trying to comply with SEO principles, considerably affects the quality that you want to be present in your writing.

This will then be the time to think of ways on how you can maintain balance. Keep in mind that having both factors – content quality and SEO compliance is not impossible. You just need to make use of creativity to place your keywords within different areas of the article and at strategic locations such as the title. Make sure that the supporting texts are appropriately written and offer readers information about the search term. Acceptable keyword density for Google search ranges from 20-25% so for a 500-word article; you need to craft 475 more words to make a coherent and persuasive article.

It is also important to make use of keywords to write the most natural sounding articles as possible. If your keyword phrase is “affordable cellphone repair”, then a composition like “Efficient and affordable cellphone repair is not easy to find” flows smoother than trying to pop it midway in a sentence.


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