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Do Not Associate with Bad Sites

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Not checking the quality of the sites that you link with can lead to your website to “fall in with a bad crowd”. When building links, this factor should be of major consideration. Even if your website cannot be considered ‘bad’, promoting (by linking to) those sites who violate the terms and conditions of Google and other major search engines can still get you in trouble. Though you will not be completely blacklisted, you will still experience a sharp fall when it comes to search ranking or may even be removed from the search results altogether.

One common thing that has become usual when website building, promoting and networking is returning favors—following back, or linking back to whoever helped you with marketing your site. But how do you know when a website is ‘bad’ or not? How do you know which sites to link to?

It might seem tricky at first, but doing due diligence can take you and your site a long way when it comes to better rankings for a long period of time. First off, judge by first impression. Does the site seem to be professionally designed and efficiently maintained? Is the content of good quality or is it badly written?

On a more technical note, check the Page Rank and Alexa rating of the websites that you link with.  The position of the website gives other marketers an insight of how well the owners and webmasters are marketing their sites. It is important to check both—Page Rank may be affected by various factors like the newness of the site and could even be caused by unethical SEO, however Alexa rating offers more statistics to backup why the site is ranking well. Linking back is like looking friends, you should be careful with whom you associate with.


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