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Google Webmaster Tools Improve Mobile Stats and Search Queries

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Recent events highlighted Google’s announcement on changes they have implemented on their Google Webmaster Tools. To state, Google reported that they will no longer round/ bucket data in its search query feature.

Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, John Mueller, expressed that “data in the search queries will no longer be rounded and bucketed”. More so, changes will be prevalent and noticeable in the coming days.
A before-and-after data screen shot report shows an increase in the present impressions as compared to the previous one.





Aside from the removal of the rounding / bucketing of the search query data, Google also added an improved version of their mobile site statistics and analytics within its Google Webmaster Tools.

The new and improved version allows for a better mobile filter. More so, it added:

Queries where Google applied Skip Redirect or while the results displays the desktop URL, the user will automatically be directed to the m. version of the URL. In the process, saving latency from a user-side redirect.

Queries wherein m. pages appear in mobile browsers for search results.

Nonetheless, it should be made clear that before the Search Queries improvement, Webmaster Tools have already reported a Skip Redirect impression with the desktop URL. Below is an extensive screen shot report:

image from  SearchEngineLand.com

image from SearchEngineLand.com



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