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Importance of KeyWord Placement

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The effectiveness of web content writing relies on creating content that is SEO compliant—which does not only mean having the right volume of keywords within the page. Although adding keyword volume to your focuses certainly would not hurt, ranking higher requires more than this. In a lot of cases, it may be something simpler like the placement of words that can boost your ranking and take your site from page two to number one. Keep in mind, search algorithms are the Internet’s top secrets that only the creators know perfectly. So it always helps to follow advice from the experts.

There are certain key factors that can help rank your website content for specific search terms. For one thing, keyword placement is the simplest yet among the most essential element that a lot of website owners overlook. So why should you give it ample attention? There are important sections in the development of a website including the blog or content layout and maximizing the use of these sections can help you reap the SEO benefits.

There should also be a balance between writing content for the robots as well as human readers. So you should not be using the same keywords in the “title section” every time you publish an article. Too much repetition can irritate your readers. Since more than one keyword or keyword phrase is being optimized, then post articles for each alternately. Google weights keywords within the title than what is in the text, so this technique will eventually pay off.

Additionally, using keywords within your titles also mean that they are automatically converted into links. Most blogging platforms make use of title to create a unique link for each article published. And by making use of this advantage, you are also optimizing the URLs of your content while making URLs more user-friendly by giving readers an idea on what the content of the page will be all about.


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