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Never Lose Sight of SEO’s Main Purpose

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Unique SEO TipsMost people who use the Internet and search engines have an idea that search engine optimization is important, but do not know enough to understand that it is not all there is. SEO is not just something you can plan, do for a time, and just leave to work its own wonders. The “sit back, relax, and wait for people to come barging into your website’s front door” is not an exact summary of what happens with doing SEO. Though an especially clever concept, there is more work involved here. And just the same, the improper application of SEO techniques can do nothing, if not more harm or costs, than handing out free baseball caps to make your burger joint’s profits go through the roof. Yes, SEO definitely helps, but there’s more to bringing your business to the top…

Getting a website up and running and doing a little bit of every SEO basics—using keywords, submitting a sitemap, commenting on blogs, throwing together a number of backlinks from different platforms—all these will never be enough. When everything seems to not have an effect on your website’s ranking, you’ll then complain how you followed through and did it exactly as told… clearly you did SEO. But? You probably did it wrong. When properly done, SEO does not have to take all the resources you have whether it be time, money, or knowledge power. Though only time will tell how high from the rankings it will get your site, one thing is for sure… correctly done SEO does work.

One of the major mistakes people fall victim to is hailing SEO as the be-all solution that makes all the difference. If this were the case, then search results would highly depend on how bots think of your site and ranking would become entirely meaningless. Among the most crucial factors to be considered to take your business to the top are your human readers.  And the answer to web search dominance is… a potent combination of good SEO and quality content.


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