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Over-use of SEO

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Too much or too little SEO can do your website no good.

It is a fact that writing good content that is SEO compliant at the same time is obviously not easy. Doing so would require adhering to the terms and services of Google as well as other major search engines while taking human readability and interest into consideration. One common mistake that people commit is jamming their sites with key search terms, thinking ‘the more they use a keyword, the better ranking they will get’. Soif some SEO is good, then more SEO would surely be great – a reasoning that is practically understandable but absolutely flawed.

However, though a major factor, SEO does not just revolve around the use of keywords. As was discussed, SEO is a complex subject matter and this definition could be completed with ‘SEO is about the substantial and proper use of keywords within a piece of content that entirely creates relevance’. It is a fact that keyword density is an important part of ranking but “too much keywords”can also cost your website good pagerank result. And if your content proves to be of poor quality due to redundancy then your chances of gaining more links and traffic will become lesser.

Just like a lot of other things, balance is key – too much or too little SEO can do your website no good. The scope of SEO is wide-ranging including many different elements which should be combined to achieve the right impact. And these elements should be integrated into your strategy without negatively affecting the readability of the content within your site.


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