Combining SEO with Excellent Writing

Seo and Good Writing

To somebody who has a reasonable understanding of Search Engine Optimization principles, writing readable quality content can pose a bit of a problem. The sufficient use of the right search terms makes it more likely for Google to pick up your website and give it a good ranking. However, the more density you use for certain keywords, the lesser room ...

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Staying Away from Cloaking


Major search engines continually compete to offer the most relevant, informative and up to date search results. The efficiency of such results provided by these search engines is what gains them users. Reputation is built—and sustaining quality then will lead to more new users as well as repeat users. And search engines are right in investing on reputation. Imagine yourself ...

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Over-use of SEO

Too Much SEO

It is a fact that writing good content that is SEO compliant at the same time is obviously not easy. Doing so would require adhering to the terms and services of Google as well as other major search engines while taking human readability and interest into consideration. One common mistake that people commit is jamming their sites with key search ...

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Black Hat: Shrewd, but typically Bad

Since the birth of search engines and the formulation of SEO as a concept, a lot of people have been tempted to try to bend the system into their favor by integrating search engine optimization as a tool to dishonestly gain impossibly high rankings in the shortest time. The Internet has opened a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs and marketers. ...

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SEO 101


One of the greatest lessons that any online entrepreneur or webmaster needs to know is “adapting to change is crucial”. From one decade to another, moving with the times has become an essential ability that keeps businesses thriving. By the turn of the millennium, marketing your business using the Internet has been fairly simple. Getting ranked was as easy as ...

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Importance of KeyWord Placement

Keyword Placement

The effectiveness of web content writing relies on creating content that is SEO compliant—which does not only mean having the right volume of keywords within the page. Although adding keyword volume to your focuses certainly would not hurt, ranking higher requires more than this. In a lot of cases, it may be something simpler like the placement of words that ...

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Never Lose Sight of SEO’s Main Purpose


Most people who use the Internet and search engines have an idea that search engine optimization is important, but do not know enough to understand that it is not all there is. SEO is not just something you can plan, do for a time, and just leave to work its own wonders. The “sit back, relax, and wait for people ...

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Strive for unique content

The issue of duplicate content is something vague even for the most well-seasoned internet marketers. There are two different views on the rules for duplicate content—one where anything that has been previously published should not be put-up anywhere again; and the other is that the same texts can be used as long as not for the same website. Google algorithm ...

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Never Link Up with Bad Sites

No to bad sites.

Not checking the quality of the sites that you link with can lead to your website to “fall in with a bad crowd”. When building links, this factor should be of major consideration. Even if your website cannot be considered ‘bad’, promoting (by linking to) those sites who violate the terms and conditions of Google and other major search engines ...

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Prevent Harmful Software such as Viruses and Malware

No to viruses and malware.

It is Internet protocol to prohibit websites from hosting viruses, malwares and other harmful software. Whenever search engine bots discover such sites, these will be taken down and blacklisted. It’s pretty obvious and simple—you’d even think: I won’t be hosting such bad software anyway so why worry, right? Well, you have got it all wrong. Of course nobody would intentionally ...

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