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Prevent Harmful Software such as Viruses and Malware

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All sites can fall victim to hacking. Don’t let it happen with your site.

It is Internet protocol to prohibit websites from hosting viruses, malwares and other harmful software. Whenever search engine bots discover such sites, these will be taken down and blacklisted.

It’s pretty obvious and simple—you’d even think: I won’t be hosting such bad software anyway so why worry, right? Well, you have got it all wrong. Of course nobody would intentionally put up a site just to cause harm and inconvenience to the people of the World Wide Web. But the scary truth is, all sites can fall victim to hacking. And take note, even the websites of credible and internationally known companies have been hacked. Without the webmaster’s or owner’s knowledge, the domain that he has been eagerly promoting may already be infected and soon can be blacklisted.

However, there are measures that you can take to ensure that your site is safe for users. The first thing you can do is to have your anti-virus running and simply visit your website. If there is malicious software detected by the anti-virus then you will instantly be notified. Another effective prevention tool that you could make use of is a Firefox Add-on called “Web of Trust”. This displays various colors to indicate how secure your site is—green for ‘safe’, orange for ‘doubtful’, and red for ‘avoid this site’.


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