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Improve your SEO Strategy using Google Webmaster Tools

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Do you want to improve your on-page SEO strategies or even focus on technical analysis without taking too much time? With technological advancement, you can – and more.


Technical analysis is a broad aspect of analyzing a website. With the help of Google Webmaster Tools (GWT for brevity), both novice and experts could now understand and focus on page errors, data crawl stats and snippets to name a few.


Moreover, GWT could also be used to improve your basic on-page SEO. With these tools, analysis time is dramatically reduced.


Removing URLs

Do you want to remove confidential information such as your bank account number displayed on a particular page? With REMOVE URLs found under the left-hand side navigation of “Google Index”, now you can!

 Remove URL

A very powerful tool, it aids you when you need to remove a URL from Google’s index. Using the REMOVE URLs feature in the GWT, you can permanently remove a URL and not merely redirecting it. Thus, the need to use with CAUTION!



Viewed in content type format, this section allows access to all the sitemaps you have. These may have been ones you have added or found by Google. The best thing about Sitemaps is that it includes statistics (number of pages submitted, pages indexed and even of the last date it was processed etc).


That is not all. With the Sitemap Test Option, Google can quickly detect any error or mistakes that need to be fixed. You just have to provide the URL of a sitemap and Goggle will scan it for you.


Structured Data

Are you looking for ways to help with the traffic and rankings of your website? With Structured Data, search engines can now understand the contents of your website. Google will be able to detect and show data along with the URLs containing each type. To find the summary report, search under Search Appearance > Structured Data


Structured Data

Image from SearchEngineLand.com


Note: This tool includes only the top-level entities discovered on a page. For example, if your page contains a schema.org/Event that in turn contains a schema.org/Place, only theEvent item will be counted.


HTML Improvements

HTML Improvements

image form SearchEngineLand.com

Everyone knows that it is imperative to have exceptional meta descriptions and optimized title tags. If you have a website, it is difficult to go through them one by one – not knowing what to prioritize.

Found under Search Appearance, this provides a snapshot of issues about your site’s meta descriptions and title tags. Furthermore, it also has a summary of any indexable content.


Data Markup Helper

For beginners and experts, this is an easy to use point-and-click tool. The best thing is that you need change your HTML. With just the mouse, it highlights and at the same time, tags each piece of data on the appropriate page of your website.

Located under Other Resources, this Structured Data Markup Hhelper allows you to mark/tag the data fields on you website — your products, happenings and events.




Content Keywords

This is a very unique tool that shows the keywords used on your website together with its variations and significance and on which pages the keywords appear on. Counter Keywords (found under Google Index) determines whether you need more content for certain keywords, topics or even themes. In short, it allows Google to see and determine your website. Yes, it is Google dependent.

Content Keywords

image from SearchEngineLand.com




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