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Staying Away from Cloaking

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Presenting a different content that may fool spiders is called “Cloaking”.

Major search engines continually compete to offer the most relevant, informative and up to date search results. The efficiency of such results provided by these search engines is what gains them users. Reputation is built—and sustaining quality then will lead to more new users as well as repeat users.

And search engines are right in investing on reputation. Imagine yourself looking for tips for easy DIY home improvement projects using an unfamiliar search engine. Then you are suddenly brought to porn sites by clicking on one of the top ranking links. That would be something you wouldn’t want to experience, right? You’d then brand the search engine as unreliable and useless, and would never bother to use it again.

What just happened in the case above is known as “cloaking”—presenting a different content that may fool spiders, with the real content revealed only to human readers.  To protect their reputation, search engines take this issue very seriously. Those who have plans on implementing such strategy are just risking their websites on getting entirely removed from the search results and even blacklisted.

Behind cloaking is a programming code that is meant to fool bots crawling the site to see it as another website. This is a common practice especially in the case of adult or porn sites. When done effectively, your website can turn up at search results for something as common as DIY home improvement projects. The cloaked website can take advantage of good page rank for a search term that it really has nothing to do with.


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