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Top 5 SEO Areas Webmasters make the most mistakes.

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What Are The Top 5 SEO Areas Where Webmasters Make The Most Mistakes?


Primarily, there are at least five areas that Matt Cutts identified where most webmasters make the most mistakes. In the video, he not only talks about such mistakes but also offers tips on how to do better than those, such are:

seo area website domain name

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1.  Website and domain name


The biggest mistake is not making your site “crawlable” or not having a domain name at all. Cutts says there are tons of businesses that don’t have websites or if they do, people have a hard time locating them. It helps to click around on a website, making sure you can reach the pages on your site by clicking on label links. Also, just try to surf around and make sure you have a link hidden somewhere.


SEO Area words on page

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2.  Words on page


Not including the right words on the page is another mistake. Think about what the user is going to type and include. You need to put these in plain text, not just in PDF, to make sure it is extractable — in the plain text.

seo area content marketing

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3.  Content and marketing


Link-building is often given focus while forgetting about compelling content and a broader sense of marketing. As soon as you think your job is only to build links for search engines, then you’re cutting off a lot of avenues. Think about something compelling.


Give your users the reason why they should use your website and then think about the broader area of marketing.  Cutts says this include billboard, pane for advertising, clever gorilla marketing, and including reaching out to people in the community. Think of how to market your website to make it more well-known without thinking only of search engines.


seo are page title and description


4. Page title and description


Not paying attention to the homepage particularly on the page title and description certainly can’t entice users to click on your page. Your description can sometimes determine what shows up on your snippet. This in turn determines whether people can be enticed into clicking.


You can experiment with a different copy for the main description. For very high traffic sites, you want to make something that when people click, they will have the answer that they are looking for.


seo area webmaster resources

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5. Webmaster resources


By not using the free webmaster resources, you lose your chances of improving your site and lose your chances of making more money as well. Google provides free webmaster tools like google.com/webmasters where there are blogs, videos, etc.


Cutts says they go to search conferences, talk to people online. Being in other search engines also provides a number of free resources.  People will be happy to talk about your website and give you feedback. They can help you improve your site, can make you more money and make your users happier.


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