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Top 5 SEO Tools for beginners

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SEO Tools for Beginners.

SEO tools

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Like a seed in a pot, a website remains a seed without the help of SEO. Indeed, SEO plays a very important and critical role in the life of a website – and online businesses, for that matter. Website themes and content marketing will not be possible without the help of SEO.


Here at Unique SEO Tips, we help online business owners and SEO enthusiasts learn more about SEO in the simplest way possible. SEO is easy – if you know HOW.


Here are our top five SEO Tools that will help you understand the complicated yet simple world of SEO, such are:


PearAnalytics1 .PearAnalytics (Free)


Pear Analytics analyzer gives Online Business Owners and SEO beginner’s useful advices that will help them improve their rankings in the search engine. This means visibility and recall – two important factors when you want to make it big!

It is absolutely Free and no need to sign up. In short, go ahead and use it to your advantage.


SEO tool SEOQuake


2. SEO Quake (Free and Paid)


One of the most widely used SEO tools in the world, SEOQuake has been proven to be compatible with the most popular browsers. Its main function is to retrieve important data on particular websites such as Google page rankings, site visits, Alexa-based information and many more.

One of SEOQuake’s additional feature, the Keyword density, helps SEO experts in figuring how often a keyword is used in a particular web page. Another SEOQuake feature is its ability to identify and feature nofollow links.

SEOQuake also has a toolbar that displays information about the aforementioned parameters below each SERP result for Yahoo, Google, Bing and other major search engines.

This toolbar has a hassle-free installation process that normally takes less than a minute.



SEO Tool


3. Copyscape (Free and Paid)


Copyscape is a free online tool for checking plagiarism and is a great duplicate-content checker. Best tool to help writers, and everyone, before posting or publishing their contents online.


This is ideal if your content has been distributed across the web.


MOZ_Crawl_Test_Tool 4. Crawl test (Free and Paid)


Moz.com own crawler, RogerBot Crawl, is sent out to crawl the links on a given UEL. It will crawl up to 250 pages of your website and will send you the result in CSV format.

The report will help you zero in on duplicate contents, summarize and redirect locations, learn rel-cannonical values and many more. This tool is available to all Moz.com Subscribers.


Note: Full Version of this tool will crawl up to 3,000 pages of your website.



Image_SEO_Tool5. Image SEO Tool (Free and Paid)


A free tool, this helps you determine which of the images on your website has no “ALT Text”.




So, what fits your needs?


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