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Unique SEO Tips: Improving Twitter Efforts Using SEO Tactics

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Unique SEO Tips

Unique SEO Tips

Crucial to any online marketing efforts is the abundant promotion of content through social media.

One definite way of maximizing brand exposure is by making parallel your SEO and social media strategies. This is the glaring truth that community managers, digital marketers, SEO professionals and PR professionals are faced with; to index your content on search engines, you have to learn SEO tactics.

With the several unique SEO tips that are proven effective, you can dramatically improve your Twitter efforts.
Here is a blend of SEO and social media strategies to get the ultimate in traffic, such are:

Keywords– Any SEO specialist would advise you to think in terms of specific keywords or keyword phrases – what consumers use in their search. Merely thinking about the type of content your followers would be interested in is insufficient.

Imagine putting yourself in the shoe of the customer when doing a search. What would you type into Google when you need the best tourist attractions in Mindanao, Philippines? Mindanao tourist attractions? Tourist attractions Mindanao Philippines? Indeed, there is an obvious difference between these two keyword phrases.

Crosschecking with SEO keywords– Look at the links in your tweets. Can you see what keywords those pages are using? With your choice of specific keywords, you can send your Twitter followers to sites that are strategically linked to your SEO practices. You just have to make sure that the sites you are sending your Twitter followers are linked intentionally to your SEO practices.

Take for instance, you wrote a blog post about ‘10 Ways to Track Twitter Trends’. Marking the phrase ‘Twitter trends’ as a hash tag or putting it in the body of the tweet that you send to promote the post, is but a smart thing. Certainly, a big help in boosting the page rank of that blog post.

Ride with the wave crest– If you want followers to hear you out, you need to get the right timing for tweeting.
There are millions of Twitter users who constantly flood the network — by the minute. They may not be able to cope up with funny video embeds, images, conversations to follow, and links to click on, but they flood the network like a plague.

Being too busy themselves, they may not be able to hear your tweet. For this, tools like TrendSpottr and Twitstant can alert you about a certain trending topic — your go signal to ride the wave crest and get involved.

Use Site and Twitter metrics to gauge your success– Anyone who tweets will be excited about results. Clearly, you will be elated to see people re-tweeting, favoriting or clicking on the links in your tweets. Truth is, you would be hoping to high heavens that these interested followers would also be converting; taking a meaningful action on your site.

There is a way of measuring the success of your efforts if you really want to leverage social media’s and SEO’s tactics for each other’s benefit. Try the free analytics teeming on the web to help you monitor Twitter and site activity.

This is but just some of the many unique SEO tips that can turbo- charge your SEO efforts on Twitter. Have fun tweeting!


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