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Unique SEO Tips – Search Engine Optimisation Trends That Will Remain On Top This 2016

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Unique SEO Tips

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If you’re an online entrepreneur, you probably saw most marketers align their content (and overall strategies) for their customer’s needs, as well as for mobile optimisation, in 2015. Well, perhaps they should because 50% of all mobile searchers are conducted in the hopes of finding local results, and a whopping 61% of those searches resulted in a purchase! So, what SEO trends will turn out to be major influencers this year? Here’s a peek at the SEO techniques that are sure to remain on top this 2016.

The Distinctions Between Web And App Will Be More Blurred

2016 will continue to  see a major rise in mobile and app searches, especially in terms of influence and complexity.  According to the experts who provide Unique SEO Tips, the introduction of app streaming by search engine giant Google will actually blur the lines between mobile web and app and it will also continue to blur the line in search results.

In 2016, Platforms Will Compete Bitterly, Not Search Engines

If you think that in 2016 the stiff competition will be between search engine giants like Yahoo, Google, Baidu, Yandex and others, the SEO experts don’t think so. In fact, they see the fierce battles shaping up between Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Google, and this competition will likely influence market share more than direct search-on-search duels.  

Social Content Will Gain More Distinction

In 2016, and perhaps even further, the content from social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others, will gain more popularity or distinction on SERP’s. In fact, 76% of marketers today utilise social media to support and enhance SEO, and they’ll do everything possible to make their Facebook and other social media posts rank higher on the SERP’s.

Web analysts also foresee that more social media content will be indexed on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other popular search engines. Thus, if you’re running an SEO campaign now, be prepared to find, collect and utilise your valuable social media content for optimising your page, to ensure maximum (and profitable) visibility.

Videos Will Continue To Reign Supreme

Almost every online marketer out there knows that videos are a wonderful way of keeping their target audience engaged, and entertained. But by using enough videos, you can actually enhance the ranking of your webpage on the search engine results page.


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